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What is the meaning of the Shalom Aleichem hymn?

“On Friday Night, a person is escorted home from synagogue by two angels, one good and one evil*. When he comes home and finds the candles burning,...

Why do we eat Cholent on Shabbat?

In the 2nd Temple Era, there existed a sect of Jews known as the Sadducees (named after their leader. Saddok). This misguided sect denied the Divine origin...

Do you have a good recipe for Cholent?

Here's my mother's recipe: 1 small onion, cut into small pieces1 tsp oil 2 Tbs barley 2 Tbs kidney beans 2 Tbs lima beans 5-6 potatoes, cut into...

What is Cholent?

Cholent is a culinary delight enjoyed by Jews of all backgrounds on Shabbat afternoon. In Ashkenazi circles it is called "Cholent," while...

How is kosher spiritual? The food seems so unhealthy and unrefined!

If "kosher" means having cream cheese and lox for breakfast, cholent with kishke for lunch, and schwarma and falafel for dinner, then this would...

Friday Night Live

On entering a home on the eve of Shabbat, one may see how a dwelling place is made into a sanctuary. The table on which are set the white loaves of Shabbat...

Why is it customary to run the knife over the Challah before reciting Hamotzi?

The common custom is to make a slight indentation in the challah with the knife before saying the hamotzi blessing. The reason for this custom is because...

Why is it necessary to have two challahs by every Shabbat meal?

It is to commemorate the fact that the Jews in the desert received a double portion of manna every Friday in honor of Shabbat.

Why do Friday Night Shabbat meals consist of soup, chicken and kugel?

The simple explanation is -- it tastes good...There isn't any halachic reason for this; it is simply the age-old cuisine of European Jewry. Sephardic...

Why do we wash our hands before eating bread?

There is a Torah commandment that when one has a harvest of wheat, wine or olive oil, a small percentage is given as terumah (a "separation") to...