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Why are there people who believe that the Torah was written by Man?
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What is Challah?

A. In Halachic terms, the word Challah has a very specific definition, and colloquially, it came to mean a certain type of bread thousands of years...

Why do we send away the angels on Friday before eating?

There are two reasons given: One is that the angels may have to leave if things turn out not as peaceful as they should be. The other is that the angels...

Where can I find the prayers for the Friday Night Shabbat meal?

Right here. (I would also recommend a small book called "The Shabbat Table Companion", which you can...

Why is the Challah dipped in salt before it is eaten?

Important note: We always dip the bread in salt, not only Challah and not only on Shabbat. Our table is considered an altar (see Ezekiel 41:22...