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What does it mean that Rosh Hashanah is the Day of Judgment?
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Is it permissible for me to put my pet bird in its cage on Shabbat?

Firstly, all living animals or birds are muktzeh on Shabbat. Therefore it is obviously forbidden to pick up the bird in order to put it back into the...

How far am I allowed to walk on Shabbat?

A. Because driving is prohibited on Shabbat, we walk rather than commute to shul. However, even walking on Shabbat has its limits. B. Negative Mitzvah...

What sense does it make not to drive or turn on the light on Shabbat?

Question: Isn’t it more strenuous to walk long distances than it is to drive, so why are we not allowed to drive on Shabbat? - Rechev Answer:...

Can I light the Menorah on Friday after Shabbat has begun?

It is forbidden to light a flame on the Sabbath; even the flame of the Menorah. Therefore, at this moment your Mitzvah is to not light.

How is turning on lights on Shabbat considered work?

Here’s the short answer: By turning the lights on you are causing a fire right there in your home--there are sparks of fire created by the...

What are the 39 melachot?

The Talmud1 enumerates the thirty nine primary categories of [creative] activities - Melachot - forbidden on Shabbat, based on the work-types...