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May meat and dairy be eaten at the same table?
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How can Kabbalah help me find my soul-mate?

Unlike the common misperception, Kabbalah is anything but a quick-fix for pressing issues in our daily lives. Quite the contrary, Kabbalah is a lengthy...

How can I avoid the emotional pitfalls of present-day dating practice?

Present-day dating practices are characterized by a lack of focus. Often settling for "a good time" (even one that may be drawn out over a number...

What's the significance of the Seven Days of Rejoicing?

See What is special about the number seven?

If Esther married a non-Jewish king, why are Jews against intermarriage?

Rabbi Silberberg: Good morning and welcome to Askmoses! How can I help you? Miriam: Good morning Rabbi. Maybe you can help me. I'm reading the Purim...

What is the appropriate attire for a woman attending a Chassidic wedding?

A beautiful skirt or dress which cover the knees, a blouse which doesn't have a low neck-line and sleeves which cover the elbows.

A chat about an unplanned pregnancy and abortion

Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:) Shawn: hello mrs shaffer Shawn: im in a bit of trouble Mrs. Shaffer: what's the trouble? :) Shawn: im...

I'm not a religious Jew. What is wrong if I marry a non-Jew?

Dr. Silberstein: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment... what's on your mind?wannabegood: I'd like to know: If I'm not a religious Jew,...

Why do the Sotah laws apply only to women?

According to biblical law a man may marry more than one woman, but a woman is prohibited from having more than one husband. [Perhaps the reason is so that...

How soon after birth can sexual relations be resumed?

The Torah says1 that marital relations are forbidden for one week after giving birth to a boy and after two weeks after a girl. After that...

How is a Mikvah built?

The laws of mikvah are numerous and complex. (There are rabbis and architects that specialize in this field). In the following lines I will try to...