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Am I required to forgive a person who has hurt me, if he has not apologized?
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What is a Mikvah?

A. The word "Mikvah" means "pool," as in a collection or gathering together of something to one place. In Judaism, Mikvah refers to a...

What is Family Purity?

A. When it comes to the human psyche it is difficult to think of something more powerful than intimacy. What is the nature of that power; does it control...

What is the Jewish system for divorce?

Unless you're in an abusive relationship, most rabbis will suggest marriage counseling and whatever other methods to try to keep the marriage together....

What is yibum?

A. Yibum (pronounced YEE-boom) is Positive Mitzvah #216. B. In the Torah’s terminology, a yavam (pronounced YAH-vahm) is a brother-in-law, and...