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What are the different holidays?
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What is Maftir?

Maftir is the Aliyah which is given to the person who will recite the Haftorah (or the one who will recite the blessings for the Haftorah). Since the...

What are the Torah Readings for the High Holidays?

Rosh Hashanah On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, we read from Genesis1 -- the story of Isaac's birth. The reading begins with the words,...

What is the origin of the Torah-reading melody (“Trop”)?

Look into a Chumash or any book of the Tanach and you will notice small marks beneath or above every word. (This is aside for the standard vowel marks...

On which dates is the Haftorah chanted?

The Haftorah is read at the conclusion of the Torah reading during the Shabbat and major holiday1 morning service. On fast days the Haftorah is read after...

Why do we read the entire Book of Jonah on Yom Kippur?

Where else in the Bible do we find a story which demonstrates the power of teshuvah (repentance) as well as the Book of Jonah? An entire corrupt city was...

What is the origin of the reading of the Haftorah?

Several reasons are offered for the reading of the Haftorah:1. When the Greeks ruled over the land of Israel, the Hellenist government forbade the...

Why is Ezekiel's vision of the Divine chariot, the Haftorah on Shavuot?

The talmudic commentator, Rashi, explains1 that G-d descended upon Mount Sinai accompanied by myriad angels (and Ezekiel’s vision speaks of these...