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What does the Torah say about how to treat a widow or orphan?
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What is the blessing for hearing/seeing thunder and lightning?

There are special blessings that we recite when we hear thunder and/or see lightning.1 When hearing thunder we say: Boruch attah ado-nai elo-heinu...

Does the Hamotzie blessing cover me for the entire meal?

Yes, once you've said the Hamotzie, you are exempt from reciting any other blessing for the rest of the meal. There are two exceptions to this rule:1....

Why don't we say the blessing Shehecheyanu on the matzah?

[Shehecheyanu is a blessing that is recited whenever a mitzvah is performed for the first time each year or when a fruit is eaten for the first time each...

What is the definition of a tree as far as the blessings go?

[According to Jewish law, a blessing should be recited before partaking of any food. There are specific blessings for specific foods. The blessing for...

Why don't we recite a blessing for building the sukkah?

Your question really raises another issue: Is the act of building a sukkah itself a mitzvah, or is it merely an unavoidable measure that one must take in...