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Do I have to say a blessing if I taste a dish to see if it needs more salt?
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What is the Jewish view on masturbation?

CRAIG: Is masturbation a sin? Rabbi: Masturbation is forbidden according to Jewish law1 CRAIG: Why? Rabbi: Kabbalah is very explicit about the...

What does the Torah say about cross-dressing?

Firstly, let's define "cross-dressing," of which there are two types. There's the silly party stuff that guys and gals occasionally...

What is the Jewish view on flirting?

A. Flirting by definition is playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest. But flirting is not about "how?" or even "why?" as...

Aren’t there too many restrictions on male/female interaction?

Look, it works. The other way doesn’t work. So you want to fix something that works by applying aspects of a system that doesn’t work?

Why are orthodox Jews so strict about boys and girls not mingling?

Question: Rabbi we have progressed. Schools are coed, boys and girls dance together at proms, and they enjoy it. Why is traditional Judaism so fearful of...