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Is my dream telling me my future?

Question: I had a dream where I met a man who was my beloved and in the dream I asked him who are you and he took me to where he grew up, and it was right...

What is a false prophet?

A. The Torah1 talks about false prophets as well, instructing the populace to disobey him, to not show him kindness, not to speak in his defense, and to...

What are the requirements of a 'true prophet'?

In four chapters of the Fundamentals of Torah, Maimonides gives a thorough and clear definition of what is required of a true prophet (the...

Are there still prophets today?

The Jewish people are not a non-prophet organization. Since the greatest Jewish prophet of all time – Moses – Judaism has hinged greatly upon...

How can a reader of the Prophets know that what he reads is authentic?

Jews are in general very suspicious and argumentative people, as in the old saying: two Jews, three opinions; another version: two Jews, three arguments....

Are the Psalms or the Book of Daniel considered prophetic?

The Arizal explains that there are many different levels and types of prophecy.   In a very general sense they can be divided into two categories:...

How many prophets were there and who were they?

There were 48 prophets and 7 prophetesses whose prophecies were recorded for posterity in the Bible. 48 Prophets: 1) Abraham2) Isaac3) Jacob4) Moses5)...

How many prophetesses are mentioned in the Bible?

Seven.Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Chanah, Abigail, Chulda and Esther.They are cited in the Talmud Megillah 14a.

What is a prophet?

A. A prophet is an individual who receives a message from G-d. This message could be of a private nature, or it could be intended for certain people, or...