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Can I buy tzitzit from just anyone?
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What is the Jewish view on trees?

Besides being Judaism's morality manual, the Torah might also be called the "total-planet system." This is because Planet Earth consists of...

What is maaser?

A. Maaser means “a tenth.” It’s based on the Hebrew word eser (pronounced EH-sehr), or ten. As a rule, it refers to donating ten...

What is Terumah?

A. Terumah means “elevated” offering/gift or donation. It is the produce tithe that Levites and Israelites would submit to the kohens in Temple...

What is the definition of a tree as far as the blessings go?

[According to Jewish law, a blessing should be recited before partaking of any food. There are specific blessings for specific foods. The blessing for...

Why is man called a tree?

The human being is a miniature world. And just as the world is made up of four elements: human, animal, vegetable and mineral, so too every person contains...

Are hybrid fruits kosher?

I assume that your doubt stems from the fact that we mustn't plant together assorted species. True, the Torah prohibits grafting different species.1...

What is the Jewish view on farming?

A. Funny question. Serious answer. Torah teaches us everything—including how to live like John Deere. B. Here’s 24 mitzvahs for the Farmer Bob...