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On the 1st day G-d said "Let there be light"... but the sun wasn't created until the fourth day?
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How do I wash Mayim Acharonim?

– Water is poured once on the fingers of each hand. The waters should reach at least the second joint of the fingers (the joint closest to the...

What is the Kabbalistic reason for washing hands before eating?

Intellect vs. Emotions The distinguishing factor between humans and their animal counterparts is the ability to control and even modify natural...

If I eat two foods which require the same beracha, do I say the blessing once or twice?

Mrs. Rivky Kaplan: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's your question?Texas: If two foods require the same berachah, like shehakol, do I...

Why does one wait until after the hands are washed before reciting the blessing?

Although in general blessings are recited before actually performing a Mitzvah (e.g. before putting on Tefillin, before lighting the Chanukah candles), the...

Can I eat as much kosher ice cream as I like?

The Short Answer: While the laws of kosher govern what you eat, Judaism also has guidelines for how and how much you eat. The Askmoses...

Do two people recite a blessing on the same food?

Rabbi Shalom Hazan: Welcome to Askmoses! Please tell me what is on your mind... Seeker: A general question about food blessings: Once a piece of bread is...

Which blessing is recited on food containing more than one "Halachic food group"?

Great question. I only wish there was a simple answer... General note: the following answer only applies to a mixture whose component elements are...

Can one blessing cover two different foods?

Yes. As long as the foods which you're eating are in the same halachic "food group," i.e. they all require the same brachah, they are all...

Should I recite a blessing on a drink that is taken to swallow a pill?

Rabbi Silberberg: Welcome to Askmoses! How can I help you?Clarissa: I'm taking medication for heartburn and I have to take a drink together with the...

Do I have to say a blessing if I taste a dish to see if it needs more salt?

No. A brachah is recited only when one is intending to eat.