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What is the Jewish view on flirting?
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Why do we wash our fingertips before Grace after Meals?

Prior to Birkat Hamazon (Grace after Meals), one is obligated to wash Mayim Acharonim, the “Last Waters.”  Before blessing G-d, we...

Why is the Challah dipped in salt before it is eaten?

Important note: We always dip the bread in salt, not only Challah and not only on Shabbat. Our table is considered an altar (see Ezekiel 41:22...

Why the difference between the morning hand washing, and before eating bread?

In order to answer your question it is necessary to examine the reason we wash our hands in the morning and the reason we wash our hands before we eat...

Why do we wash our hands before eating bread?

There is a Torah commandment that when one has a harvest of wheat, wine or olive oil, a small percentage is given as terumah (a "separation") to...