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Do men go to the mikvah too?
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When do we recite Kiddush?

We recite Kiddush as the opening ceremony of the nighttime and daytime Shabbat and Biblical Holiday meals. We do not recite Kiddush at the...

Which Kiddush is recited on a holiday which falls on Shabbat?

We begin the Friday night kiddush with the standard Shabbat Yom Hashishi and then, immediately after reciting the hagafen blessing, we proceed to the...

Is Kiddush recited before the pre-Yom Kippur meal?

We do not recite Kiddush during this meal. Kiddush is recited only on Shabbat and Holidays; since this meal isn't quite a holiday meal -- it merely...

Why do we bless the One Who “sanctifies the *Jewish People* and the holidays”?

True. In the Shabbat prayers we say “He Who sanctifies the Shabbat,”  whereas on the holidays we bless the One Who:...