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How much should tefillin cost?
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Why do we wrap the tefillin around the arm seven times?

Tefillin is comparable to a wedding band; we wear them as a symbol of our special relationship with G-d. Under the wedding canopy seven benedictions...

Do I have to put on tefillin if I have a cast on my arm?

Someone who, G-d forbid, broke their arm continues to place tefillin on the broken arm (the halachic authorities only have a doubt if the arm is...

What is Shema?

A. Shema is the central and absolutely most critical prayer is Judaism. It sums up the essence of Jewish faith in its power-packed opening verse: Shema...

What is the inner meaning of Tefillin?

The world is projected into being through an infinite light focussed through ten sefirot: Wisdom, Understanding, Knowing, Kindness, Might, Beauty, Victory,...

What does Tefillin have to do with Bar Mitzvah?

The Torah requires all Jewish men to put on tefillin every weekday morning for at least the time during which they recite the Shema prayer....

I had some problems, why did my rabbi say to check my tefillin?

While it is true that tefillin are worn as a mitzvah and not as amulets, it is an accepted belief, explained in the Kabbalah, that the tefillin a person...

Shouldn’t I wait until I understand before putting tefillin on?

The best way to understand what tefillin are all about is by putting them on.

Are tefillin only worn on the day of the bar mitzvah?

Tefillin are supposed to be worn every weekday (Sunday through Friday) morning during Shacharit. If one can't wear Tefillin in the morning or...

If I pray at home, do I still have to wear tefillin?

It is best to make yourself part of the community’s prayers. If this is not possible, tefillin can be worn in the convenience of your home, at your...

Is wearing tefillin only a custom of orthodox Jews?

Tefillin is something all Jews have done since the time of Moses. Tefillin have been found in archeological digs from the times of the Maccabees and as...