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How is Passover celebrated?
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When will be the next Jubilee year?

 The Jubilee year was only celebrated when all the Jews dwelled in the Land of Israel. Even during the Second Temple Era the Jubilee was not observed...

Which precious stones were set in the high priest's breastplate?

I've been unable to find the English names of the gems on the breastplate, and apparently no one knows for sure which stones they were. However, in...

Why aren't we offering sacrifices anymore?

The Torah, which initiated the sacrifice practice in Judaism, also restricted its practice to be permitted only when meeting specific criteria. Today...

What are "ma'amadot"?

The halachah is that whenever a korban (sacrifice) was offered in the Holy Temple, the owner(s) had to be present. The problem is that every day the...

What is the proper pronunciation for the tetragrammaton (Y-H-V-H)?

The correct pronunciation of the tetragrammaton is unknown. It is only permitted to utter that name in the Holy Temple; since we do not have a Holy Temple...

What is the mystical reason why an animal can't be sacrificed until eight days old?

The Torah (Lev. 22:27) says that “When an ox, sheep, or goat is born, it shall remain with its mother for seven days; from the eighth day and on it...

What is a nazir?

A. Before the hippy, there was the nazir. A nazir was a man who would isolate himself from certain material luxuries for purposes of spiritual...