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What is the preferred location for an Upsherin ceremony?
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Three Categories of Kabbalah

The study of Kabbalah is divided into three basic areas: the theoretical, the meditative, and the practical. The theoretical deals with the form of the...

The Wild Horse: Meditation and Prayer

The dualistic self is not a pleasant experience. While the higher self, the Nefesh Elokit, strives to grow, improve and adopt compassion as its norm, the...

A discussion about Jewish meditation and its relation to prayer

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?Steve: Does Jewish tradition emphasize transendence and/or...

How do I meditate in a Jewish way?

You need to choose a Jewish meditation. Did you ever see the book Jewish Meditation by [Rabbi Aryeh] Kaplan? Good book. Not to push my own books, but soon...

Is there a Jewish way to meditate?

Jews do meditate. Yet there is no one way of Jewish meditation. There are various methods of Jewish meditation. They range from simple meditations, such...