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Which prayers are most important to be recited in Hebrew?
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Did baptism originate with the Jews?

Well, it isn't called baptism, but the idea of immersing in a body of water is certainly in Judaism. It has many applications. The primary one is that...

Why don’t Jews believe that Jesus was the messiah?

Maimonides writes (Laws of Kings 11:4) the criteria for identifying the messiah: "If a king will arise from the House of David, diligent in Torah...

How can I convey to my Catholic-raised grandchildren that they are Jewish?

jcd: My only child converted to become a Catholic and my two grandchildren are being raised Catholic. Although my daughter doesn't care if I give the kids...

How should I answer missionaries who say that Jesus is named Immanuel and is Messiah ?

Rabbi Immanuel Schochet: If that name means anything special (as ALL names do) then obviously its significance relates to me and not to "him,"...

What is the Jewish view on the Apocrypha?

The Apocrypha refers to books that remained outside the biblical canon, such as the Book of Maccabees, which deals with the story of Chanukah, and The...

Is Jesus referred to in the Jewish Bible?

Yes. (Albeit not him specifically, but criteria pertaining to him). Daniel (11:14) speaks of those who will “raise themselves up to establish the...