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What is the significance of the night before the Brit?
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Why, on the day before Passover, are Shabbat services early?

Rabbi Richler: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment... CH1954: This year1, why are services on the Shabbat before Pesach earlier? Rabbi Richler:...

Are there any special customs for Shabbat Hagadol?

1. Today, practically every pulpit rabbi delivers a homily every Shabbat. This wasn't always the case. In Jewish communities of old, the rabbi would...

Why isn't the miracle of Shabbat Hagadol celebrated on the 10th of Nissan?

The miracle is celebrated on the Shabbat before Pesach because the 10th of Nissan is the day that Miriam, sister of Moses, passed away and it was...

Why is the Shabbat before Passover called Shabbat HaGadol (the Great Shabbat)?

Because it commemorates a “great” miracle that happened on the Shabbat before the Exodus. Some background: The Israelites in Egypt were...

Why is the miracle commemorated by Shabbat Hagadol called a “great” miracle?

The miracle of Shabbat Hagadol was the fact that the Egyptian firstborn rebelled against the Egyptian authority and a civil war ensued, during which many...