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Miscellaneous » Health Issues » Tzaraas ("Leprosy") | Subscribe | What is RSS?

What is meant by "pure" and "impure"?

A. “Purity” and “impurity” are the wrong words for the concept—it’s “positive” and “negative.”...

Why must a Kohen pronounce the Tzaraat -- “leprosy” -- impure?

There is actually a very important lesson that we learn from this. Often when we see an imperfection in our fellow man or woman, we are tempted to rebuke...

Which spiritual deficiencies led to the symptoms of tzaraat (“leprosy”)?

The Talmud (Erchin 15a) lists seven sins that lead to tzaraat: Gossip; murder; immorality; swearing falsely; arrogance; theft; stinginess.Other midrashic...

Which shades of white were considered tzaraat?

There were actually four shades. The whitest shade was that of snow. This is referred in the Torah as baheret. The second shade was slightly duller than...

A person suspects that he has tzaraat (“leprosy”). What's his next move?

If a person developed a white spot on his skin that was not duller than the membrane of an egg and at least the size of a bean called a gris (approximately...

Is tzaraat ("leprosy") a hygienic problem or is it something spiritual?

Here are a number of facts that make it pretty clear that the Torah is talking about a spiritual malady that causes a the appearance of a white spot on the...

Why is a person covered entirely with Leprosy considered pure?

Some commentaries state that this is one of those laws in the Torah that do not have a reason that us mortals can relate to (Bachya). Such laws are called...