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Can I buy tzitzit from just anyone?

The strings of the tzitzit must be spun and twisted by a Jewish person who performed this task with the intention that these strings be used for the...

Is tzitzit a requirement for any four-cornered garment?

a) Only a four-cornered garment which is of a woven material is obligated in tzitzit. A four-cornered plastic or leather garment does not require tzitzit....

Some of the strings on my Tallit are torn. Is it still kosher?

When the fringes are originally placed on the corners of the garment, each corner must have eight complete strings. If, later on, some fringes become...

At what age should a boy start wearing tzitzit?

It is customary to begin educating young boys to wear tzitzit when they reach the age of three.

Am I required to wear tzitzit?

There is a Biblical command to attach fringes to the corners of any four-cornered garment worn by a Jewish male; however, one is not required to obtain...

How do I dispose of a Kipah or Tzitzit?

Rabbi Yossi Turk: Bienvenidos Welcome. Un minuto , ya lo atiendo. I'll be with you in a moment...Rabbi Yossi Turk: hiJewboy: hiJewboy: i have 2...

Do I have to wear my Tallit now that I'm divorced?

Rabbi Mendy Chitrik: Hi! How may I be of assistance? SingleAgain: Ashkenazim wear a Tallit only after marriage, is that correct? Rabbi Mendy Chitrik: Yes....

What's the story with wearing tzitzit during the nightime hours?

The Torah says (Numbers 15:39), “And you will see [the tzitzit] and you will remember all the commandments.” Thus the sages concluded that...

Why do certain people have a blue-dyed fringe on their tzitzit?

The Torah commands us (Numbers 15:38) to place a blue (“techailet”) fringe on the corner of our four-cornered garments. Our sages tell us that...

Why doesn't a woman wear a tallit?

In Judaism, men and women occupy different, but equally important roles. The woman’s role exempts her from any Mitzvah...