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Why are the mourning laws of Tishah b'Av relaxed after midday?
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I sin... but it doesn't bother me...

The fact that you are asking this question shows that you do care. If you truly didn't care you wouldn't be interested in changing. The problem isn't that...

Perpetual Joy?

A hallmark of Jewish philosophy, particularly within the Chabad and other Chasidic movements, places a great emphasis upon a joyful service of G-d. When...

My therapist talks of selfishness. My Rabbi discusses selflessness. Who is right?

On a superficial level, these two pieces of advice seem to be contradictory; but when you go a bit deeper you will realize that they go very nicely hand-in...

What's the recipe for true happiness?

G-d wants us to serve Him with joy. If that is what He demands of us, obviously He gave us the wherewithal to accomplish this.The most troubling thing that...

What is the Jewish perspective on Jokes?

The Talmud tells an interesting tale: One of the sages, a man named Rabbi Beroka, was often visited by Elijah the Prophet. (After Elijah left this world he...