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What is the Jewish view on "Trick or Treat"?
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Does G-d care where I live?

1. Every Jew is commanded to live in the Land of Israel, and according to Nachmanides (Numbers 33:53) this mitzvah is counted as one of the 613...

Why isn't there an effort underway to rebuild the Temple?

In Exodus1 it is said concerning the third temple "the sanctuary which Your hands, O Lord, have established."2 This is why the third temple will...

What is the Western Wall?

A. The Western Wall, a.k.a. the Kotel (wall) or Wailing Wall1 , is the last remaining section of the Temple which sat atop Jerusalem's Mt. Moriah. It...

Why do we add extra holiday-days outside of Israel?

Good question. For example, the Torah itself says that we should have seven days of Passover (and one Seder), so why do the people outside the Land...