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Is Ritual Slaughter Humane to Animals?
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What is Chassidism?

A. Chassidism is the Judaism-revolutionizing, Moshiach-bringing movement that swept across and overtook classical Judaism in the early-to-mid 1700s. It was...

How did Chassidic philosophy come to be?

Chassidic philosophy came into existence at a very tumultuous time in Jewish history. Three hundred years ago, the Jews of Eastern Europe and Russia...

What is the difference between Chassidism and Orthodox Judaism?

To someone who is not a Chassidic or Orthodox Jew, it may be impossible to distinguish between the two. (All those black clothes!) However, there is a...

How can Chassidism demand joyfulness when there are so many problems?

Problems in the world? That's precisely why Chassidism demands a positive attitude.Chassidism stresses happiness because being happy smashes obstacles....

Is there G-d in evil?

A Spark Within The holy Arizal, Rabbi Yitzchok Luria, explained that everything in the world is nurtured by G-dliness, each thing contains a Divine...