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Why is G-d's covenant manifest in the male genitals?
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Why don't I feel like the Torah I study is affecting me?

The Torah is compared to bread.1 If you eat unbaked dough your intestines will not digest it. Your body will not absorb it and it will not become a part of...

What is Torah?

Torah literally means "instruction." It also is closely related to the Hebrew word which means "light." It is the instruction manual...

What can you tell me about Jewish books?

A. A Jewish book is not a book of Jewish jokes, a book about Judaism or any Jewish-related subject, although many Jewish books are just that. A Jewish...

What is a Torah scholar?

A. A scholar is one who studies, and the Torah is the basis of Judaism. Therefore, a Torah scholar is one who studies Torah—right? Wrong. A Torah...

What is the Midrash?

A. "Midrash" means "exposition." The Midrash (or Medrash) is probably the most referred-to collection of explanatory works on Tanach,...

If Mt. Sinai teaches us humility, shouldn't the Torah have been given on a flatland?

Although the importance of humility cannot be overemphasized, a person must also have a certain measure of pride and strength of conviction.* A totally...

What are the thirteen Principles of Faith?

The Jewish faith has many laws, traditions, beliefs, etc. But there are thirteen principles upon which the whole of Judaism stands. To use a mundane...