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What are the origins of the Upsherin custom?
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Can you put life in context?

Question: Please give me a satisfactory reason and meaning for life. When I say “meaning,” I don’t mean finding a meaningful project to...

How can I discern if G-d is intervening in my life?

Rabbi Tilles: Shalom-Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment. You can start typing your question if you like. HearingGod: Hi I am not Jewish but I have...

Teddy Bear or Eagle: America, What Are You?

This country was founded, settled, defined and furthered by people who left their homes for the unknown. Whether or not they were religious (in the...

The Dancing Jew

The HoraI’m not much of a dancer. I don’t like dancing and I’m not much good at it. So I often find myself on the side of the dance...

What's all this business about being "G-d fearing"?

Fear of G-d has many levels.When we say people are G-d fearing, we normally don't mean they live in fear that G-d might punch them out for doing the wrong...

What does it mean that we are commanded to "imitate" G-d?

A. G-d connects with us by making things happen to us—He answers our prayers. Sometimes, these things seem good. Sometimes, these things seem bad....