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When is a baby girl named?
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After the Tsunami: Where Do We Go From Here?

No wordsThere are really no words.Any words used to describe this week's great tragedy appear hollow, vain -- even manipulative. We feel shock, horror...

I ate non-kosher food, is G-d upset at me?

G-d loves you and wants only the best for you. It bothers Him greatly when you do something which is detrimental to your wellbeing, just as any parent...

Does G-d really care about what I do?

Question: Does G-d really care if I eat pork? - Ben Answer:  Yes. G-d does care. Certainly, G-d is great enough to handle whatever we do. But, He has...

Does it really matter to G-d what we do?

Great question! On the one hand, G-d Himself testifies in the Torah:1 "I am G-d, I have not changed." Meaning, Creation in no way alters or...

Why does an infinite G-d spend his time "playing world"?

You inadvertently answered your own question—how much energy do you suppose an infinite G-d must invest in following and paying attention to all the...