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What does a person allergic to wheat/gluten do about eating matzah?
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What time am I supposed to light the Menorah?

Night time is Menorah time. It is best to light the Menorah at the earliest possible opportunity; there are those who light the...

In what order do we light the Chanukah candles?

On the first night we light the candle on the far right side of the Menorah, and every night thereafter we add a candle to the left of that.However, when...

How long do the Chanukah candles have to burn?

The candles must remain lit every night for at least 30 minutes after nightfall (Tzeit HaKochavim). Therefore, those who have the custom of lighting the...

Can I light the Menorah on Friday after Shabbat has begun?

It is forbidden to light a flame on the Sabbath; even the flame of the Menorah. Therefore, at this moment your Mitzvah is to not light.