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What are the basic rules of Lashon Hara?
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When is the best time to give Chanukah Gelt?

You can give Chanukah Gelt ("Chanukah money"1) on any day/night of Chanukah (except on Friday night and Shabbat, when it is forbidden to handle...

Is it rabbinically mandated that we eat oily foods on Chanukah?

Rabbi Gurkow: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today? Misha: Is it rabinically mandated that we eat some type of oily food...

Why do we eat donuts on Chanukah?

It is an ancient Jewish custom to eat fried/oily foods on Chanukah, since it is a Holiday that commemorates a miracle that occurred with oil;...

What do the Hebrew letters on a Dreidel stand for?

The four letters on the dreidel are Nun, Gimmel, Hey and Shin. The letters are an acronym for: Nes (Nun) Gadol (Gimmel) Haya (Hey) Sham (Shin) (a...

How can we play dreidel on Chanukah, isn't it gambling?

Indeed, according to Jewish law, it is forbidden to gamble with another person. Any money that you win is conceded with a heavy heart, since your opponent...

Why is it customary to eat dairy foods on Chanukah?

In the course of the Maccabee's battle against the Greeks, a great miracle happened because of cheese. Click here to read the full story.1

Why do we play Dreidel on Chanukah?

During the years leading up to the Chanukah miracle, teaching Torah was outlawed by the Greeks. The Jewish children would go to the forests and study...

What are the rules for a Dreidel game?

There are many ways to play the game; the following is one of the most popular ways:Everyone puts the ante, usually a penny, nickel or dime, in the pot.The...

Why do people give money gifts on Chanukah?

Do you really need an excuse to give gifts! Well for those of you who are too frugal to give gifts for no good reason whatsoever... here goes:The word...

Why do we eat Latkes on Chanukah?

The holiday of Chanukah commemorates a miracle that occurred with oil; the jug of oil which naturally should have lasted only one night, lasted eight. To...