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Where did the Jews pray after the Temple was destroyed?
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Who Needs Organized Religion?

Surely we don’t. After all, we’re the descendants of Abraham, the man who sought G-d on his own, who listened to the personal call of G-d to...

What's Wrong With Religion?

Religion offers salvation, enlightenment, a place in heaven. Religion teaches self-improvement: humility, devotion, patience, faith. Religion demands a...

What is the purpose of Judaism?

G-d created a world. G-d created its inhabitants. G-d interacts with His creation, and even "visits" it occasionally. But generally speaking,...

Seemingly, religion promotes world perfection. Historically, tyrants “perfected” the world.

G-d doesn’t like perfect people. In fact, nowhere in the Torah does G-d take pride in someone who is perfect. One can excel in some attribute or...