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What is the origin of the reading of the Torah in the synagogue?

Moses instituted that a portion of the Torah be read publicly on every Shabbat. For this purpose the Torah was divided into 54 portions and every Shabbat...

Why are certain words in the Torah pronounced differently than they are spelled?

Indeed, there are many words throughout the Scriptures which are pronounced differently than they are written.1    Most commonly, this manifests...

Why do we sometimes read two Torah portions instead of one?

1. We have to conclude the entire Torah each year on Simchat Torah but there are too many Torah portions for the average year. There are 50.5 weeks in the...

How was it determined where every aliyah should start and end?

a. Every Torah portion has seven sections (aliyahs).b. Every one of these sections must end and begin on a positive note.c. A section cannot end if...

I'm getting an aliyah--can you tell me everything about it?

First of all there’s nothing to be nervous about because you will be told exactly what to do while it’s happening. Anyhow, here’s what...

Please list the fifty four portions of the Torah.

You’re lookin’ at ‘em: 1. Bereishit2. Noach3. Lech Lecha4. Vayeira5. Chayei Sarah6. Toldot7. Vayeitzei8. Vayishlach9. Vayeishev10....