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Why do we bless the One Who “sanctifies the *Jewish People* and the holidays”?
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How do I rest on Shabbat?

A. We rest on Shabbat because G-d rested on this day. But G-d doesn't "work hard" so what does He rest from? G-d creates, and rest means a...

What are the different holidays?

A. The (major) Jewish holidays number a total of eight. They divide into two categories: the Torah-mandated, and the ones mandated by The Rabbis. The...

Why does the Jewish day start at sundown?

A. Think about it--what makes more sense: for a new day to begin when the old day ends, or in the middle of the night? That’s basically why the...

How can I find dates of upcoming Jewish holidays?

A. No two years are the same. Every year is different--according to the Julian calendar, that is. Because the Jewish holidays are governed by the Jewish...

Why do we add extra holiday-days outside of Israel?

Good question. For example, the Torah itself says that we should have seven days of Passover (and one Seder), so why do the people outside the Land...