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Can I drive on Shabbat if it is my only way to get to the synagogue?
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In the Yom Kippur confession, why do we say “WE sinned” instead of “I sinned"?

A bunch of people are sitting on a boat when suddenly they see a guy drilling a hole in the floor. They scream at him and tell him to stop but he says,...

Why do we beat our chests when saying the confession prayers?

It’s as if we’re saying to the heart (the home of desire): “You caused me to mess up.”Source: Mateh Efraim #607.(An old Chassid...

In the confession, why do we say “but we and our FATHERS have sinned?”

The Chassidic master, Reb Elimelech of Lizensk, explained that you don’t want to incriminate yourself entirely in front of the prosecuting angel. So...

Why is the Kol Nidrei Yom Kippur prayer said in Aramaic?

The prayer was instituted while the Jews were living in Babylonia, where the common language was Aramaic. It was important that everyone understand the...