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Sukkot: Unity out of Diversity

The Sukkah - Seven Days Under His Roof “It is fitting that all of Israel should dwell in a single sukkah.”(Talmud) A sukkah is an outdoor...

Do we eat in the Sukkah on Shmini Atzeret?

In Israel where they observe the Biblical seven days of Sukkot, one only eats in the Sukkah for seven days. In the Diaspora, however, where all Biblical...

What is the mystical significance of the sukkah?

The sukkah is a place of peace. As we say in the evening prayers, “May You spread the sukkah of peace upon us.” This emphasis on peace can also...

What is the message of the sukkah?

There are many messages but I’ll give you one:1 Unlike other mitzvahs, which involve only a particular limb of the body, the sukkah involves all of...

Why does the sukkah have to be a temporary hut?

The experience of living in a temporary hut for seven days reminds us that life itself is transient. The seven days of Sukkot correspond to the lifespan of...

What is a sukkah?

A. Sukkah is to Sukkot what beer is to Oktoberfest. The sukkah is the central theme of the holiday of Sukkot. It is one mitzvah you can really get...

Why don't we recite a blessing for building the sukkah?

Your question really raises another issue: Is the act of building a sukkah itself a mitzvah, or is it merely an unavoidable measure that one must take in...