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Why do we wrap the tefillin around the arm seven times?
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Why is there a chair for Elijah at a Brit?

It is customary at a Brit to set aside a chair for Elijah the Prophet who is called the "Angel of the Brit".1 He attained this honorable...

Why does a mohel suck the blood after circumcision?

This practice is part of the ritual of circumcision and it is called "Metzitza". The source for Metzitza at a Brit is from the...

What is the function of the kvatter?

Kvatter is the Yiddish name for the person who carries the newborn baby to the room where the circumcision will be held. The kvatter hands the child to the...

What are the various honors given to people at a Brit?

Kvatterin (colloquially-Godmother) Woman who carries baby from mother to brit room and, after the brit, back to mother. In some communities the baby...

What is the significance of the night before the Brit?

A beautiful tradition passed down through the generations is the custom of inviting children to come to the home of the newborn on the night before...

How does a Shabbat Brit differ than a weekday one?

A Brit is performed on the eighth day after birth, even if that day is Shabbat or a Jewish holiday. If, for whatever reason, the Brit is postponed and...

What does the congregation do during the Brit Milah?

Everyone should stand during the Brit Milah, except for the Sandek who sits and holds the baby on his lap during the time of the Brit. At the appropriate...

Are there specific garments that should be worn at the Brit?

It is customary that the father, Mohel, and Sandek wear a tallit at the time of the Brit. [Ed. note: some have a custom that the baby should be...

What are the laws of prayer and Torah reading on the day of a Brit?

At the morning prayers prior to the Brit, the Tachanun supplication is omitted in the presence of the father, Sandek, or the Mohel, even if the Brit will...

What is done with the foreskin after the circumcision?

It is not kept. In accordance with Jewish law -- regarding any severed part of the body -- it is buried.