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Why do we read the entire Book of Jonah on Yom Kippur?
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What is the spiritual significance of the Yahrtzeit?

After the soul departs the body it is in a state of constant ascendancy in Gan Eden (Paradise). Every year, on the anniversary of death, the soul...

Can I say kaddish for someone if my parents are still alive?

Rabbi Latowicz: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment... Matt: Shalom Rabbi Latowicz: hi Matt: I have a question regarding a grandchild saying...

When is a Yahrtzeit (memorial) candle lit?

1. A Yahrtzeit (memorial) candle is lit on the anniversary of the death, the Yahrtzeit, of a member of one's immediate family. The Yahrtzeit...

When is a Yahrtzeit observed during a leap year?

There are three opinions in this matter: 1. The Yahrtzeit is observed in the second Adar (Beis Yosef).  2. The Yahrtzeit is observed in the...

On which date is a Yahrtzeit observed?

The Yahrtzeit is always observed on the dates of the Jewish calendar. (Click here for an online secular-Jewish date-of-Yahrtzeit converter.) If...

Why do Chassidim celebrate their Rebbes' Yahrtzeits?

When a righteous person passes away, it certainly is a tremendous loss for his/her followers and disciples. But the soul of the tzaddik (righteous person)...