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What is Passover?
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Why I should take my prayers seriously?

On a simple level, the Torah commands us to ask G-d for all our needs. For instance, if someone is, G-d forbid, sick, G-d commands us to pray to Him for...

Someone prayed for G-d to punish me. Should I be worried?

If I understand your question correctly, you are concerned because someone prayed that you should be put in an undesirable position. If you did nothing...

What is Jewish prayer?

A. The Hebrew word for prayer is Tefillah (pronounced teh-FEE-lah), which also means "connection." You connect to G-d by talking to Him--what is...

What is Shacharit?

A. Shacharit is the daily morning Tefillah. The word Shacharit comes from the Hebrew word Shachar, or morning,  commemorating the Tamid...

What is Musaf?

A. Musaf means “added” or “addition” in Hebrew, denoting the extra tefillah added to the Shabbat and holiday services. B....

What is Shema?

A. Shema is the central and absolutely most critical prayer is Judaism. It sums up the essence of Jewish faith in its power-packed opening verse: Shema...

What is the Priestly Blessing?

A. The traditional three-class division of the Jewish population—Kohanim, Levi’im and Yisraelim—is one of the few remnants of Temple-era...