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How is Passover celebrated?
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My JetBlue Minyan

I am on my way to Israel on El Al for a Bar Mitzvah of one of our Chabad members.  It’s 11:30 P.M. and, along with 450 other passengers, I am...

Should I do a Mitzvah today if I'm unable to make a steady commitment?

This question can be addressed from many different angles. Here are a few morsels of food for thought: 1) On the most basic level, good habits are...

If I'm sinning, how can I pray to G-d?

Each morning, when we wake up, we say in our prayers, "My G-d, the soul You gave me is pure." No matter what you do with your life, your soul remains...

How do I eliminate strange thoughts during prayer?

First, look inside the prayer book while praying. Our Sages tell us that seeing the words on the page, as well as saying them out loud, awaken...

Why do we pray the same words every day?

The Sages formulated the prayers to evoke a love and awe of G-d. We each have our subjective reality and appreciation of spirituality. However, there are...