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What are the various Hebrew names for the holiday of Passover?
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Why do many chassidim pray so late?

1. Chassidus demands that prayer be preceded by strenuous preparation: Immersion in the mikvah, studying chassidus, meditating into the greatness of G-d,...

Do I have to stand when listening to the recitation of Kaddish?

There are differing opinions on this subject.1 The bottom line is that you may sit, but due to the holiness of the prayer it is best to stand whenever...

Why must a minyan consist of TEN Jews?

Due to the profound sanctity naturally associated with certain prayers and rituals, it is required that they only be recited/performed in...

Mrs. Olidort, do you like to sit in a different room when praying?

Different? You mean a partition? I'm not bothered at all by that. My prayers are between myself and G-d, and I don't need recognition from the men...