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Why do we stand with both feet together while reciting the amidah?
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Why is the date of Shavout not mentioned in the Torah?

1 The Torah says: "You shall count for yourselves, from the morrow of the rest day [the first day of Passover], from the day you bring the omer as a...

Why is the holiday of Shavuot relatively unknown?

Spiritually speaking, the holiday of Shavuot doesn't take a back seat to any of the other holidays. In fact, one can argue that this holiday is the...

What is Shavuot?

A. Shavuot (Weeks, pronounced shah-VOO-oat) is a two day Jewish holiday (in Israel only one day) that simultaneously commemorates two things: the...

What are the various names for Shavuot (and their meanings)?

Well, you just said one of them, Shavuot, and that means “weeks"1, referring to the seven weeks that are counted from the  second day of...