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When do the rules of the Nine Days end?
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Shofar: A Blast in Three Dimensions

Shofar  It is a positive mitzvah of the Torah to hear the blast of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, as it is stated:1 “it shall be a day of blowing...

Why do we use a ram's horn for a Shofar?

Rabbi Shlomo: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on your mind? sally: why do we use a rams horn as a shofar Rabbi Shlomo: Because...

The Mystical Tug of the Shofar

This Rosh Hashanah, we will once again gaze spellbound as the man in the prayer shawl (tallis) and white robe (kittel) raises the shofar to his lips and...

How many shofar blasts do we hear on Rosh Hashanah?

Each of the following three - tekiah (long blast), shevarim (three medium blasts), and teruah (series of at least nine short blasts) - is...

Are women obligated to hear the shofar?

The general rule is that women are exempt from mitzvahs which are time-dependant.1 This would include the mitzvah of hearing the shofar -- which has...

Why is the shofar curved and not straight?

The shofar must be curved to indicate that our prayers are offered from hearts which are bent – subservient – to our Father in Heaven.

Why don't we shake the Four Species on Shabbat?

The reason why we do not shake the lulav, read the megillah or blow shofar on Shabbat is one. Rabbah, third century Talmudic scholar, explained the reason...

Is any horn fit to be kosher Shofar?

Rabbi Jacobson: Welcome to askmoses. How can I be of help today?cdawnr: what makes a shofar koshercdawnr: I am trying to find the attributes a shofar must...

What is the significance of the different notes of the shofar?

There are three basic sounds of the shofar – tekiah, shevarim and teruah. In the Torah, Rosh Hashanah is actually called “Yom Teruah,”...

Why does the shofar have to be made out of an animal's horn?

Hearing the shofar is THE commandment of Rosh Hashanah, whose purpose is to help us re-awaken spiritually. And yet, the famous shofar blast actually...