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What does Judaism say about tattoos?
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Can a vow be annulled?

For a start, our Sages advise you not to make vows in the first place.1 If you have made a vow, there is a process available to annul it. We call this...

Nazirites and Nunneries

The mightiest man in the Bible was, of course, Samson. He took on the most savage of beasts and leveled a stadium with his bare hands. In the end, Samson...

Are tattoos permitted under any circumstances?

Rabbi Yakov Latowicz: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment... tattoos: Hello how are you? Rabbi Yakov Latowicz: thanks G-d & U? tattoos: very...

Is a non-verbal promise considered binding?

Generally, a promise made in the heart is nothing, unless it was actually verbalized. However, there is an exception to this rule -- regarding...

Can I make as many vows as I wish -- and retroactively nullify them during Kol Nidrei?!

If one makes a vow, while aware of what he/she said at Kol Nidrei, that effectively nullifies the Kol Nidrei. For by making the vow, the person is...

Is it better not to make a vow than to not fulfill it?

The Torah (Deuteronomy 23:22) says that if you make a vow and fail to keep it—that’s a sin. The next verse says: “If you don’t make...

What is a nazir?

A. Before the hippy, there was the nazir. A nazir was a man who would isolate himself from certain material luxuries for purposes of spiritual...