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How is Rosh Chodesh celebrated?
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What are the actual 7 blessings of Sheva Brachot?

Ed. note: During the Chupah the blessings are recited in this order, and blessing 1 and 2 are usually recited by the same person. Following...

What ritual wedding differences are there between first and subsequent marriages?

The following differences – some of which are law, others custom – only apply when both spouses had been previously married: • On the...

What are the customs followed during the sheva brachot week?

The first week of marriage is celebrated by the newlywed couple in holiday fashion. Shabbat finery is worn throughout, and neither of them goes to work....

Why do we invite a "new face" to every Sheva Brachot?

Joy which isn’t shared with a “new face” (“panim chadashot”) lacks a certain excitement. It is therefore necessary to...

Must there be a sheva brachot every day of the week after the wedding?

These sheva brachot gatherings are not mandatory—and it certainly isn’t required to have one every day of the week. Nowadays, however, it has...

Does sheva brachot last for a full week?

The first day of the sheva brachot week is not always 24 hours, for the day of the chupah is considered the full first day, even if the chupah was held...

Please guide me through the sheva brachot blessings procedure?

• When the sheva brachot meal is concluded, it is time for the highlight of the event—the sheva brachot blessings. Before the Grace after...

What's the significance of the Seven Days of Rejoicing?

See What is special about the number seven?

What are "sheva brachot"?

There is a special mitzvah for a bride and groom to rejoice together for the week following their wedding1 -- the “sheva brachot...

What's the procedure for sheva brachot if there is no minyan?

A minyan must be present in order to recite the sheva brachot. If there is no minyan, only the last blessing of the sheva brachot, the Asher Barah...