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How many sages were the "Men of the Great Assembly"?
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Why is it that Moses counted only the male Jews?

The Torah speaks of three census' of the Jewish people: 1. After the sin of the Golden Calf. 2. After the Tabernacle was erected. 3. 40 years later,...

When did Aaron the high priest die?

He passed away on the first day of the month of Av, forty years after the Israelites left Egypt.

Where was Moses buried?

Moses was buried on a mountain outside of Israel, specifically Mt. Nevo or Nebo. Where precisely? The Torah itself tells us1 that no person can...

What happened at Sinai?

Every year, countless Jews are affected by MSD. While some attempt to confront it head-on, many adopt the precarious stance of denial, or worse, apathy....

What is the evidence for the Mount Sinai Event that is so difficult to dispute?

First, let’s differentiate between “difficult to dispute” and “indisputable.” I don’t believe there’s...

Why was a fast day established for the day of Miriam’s passing?

The 10th of Nissan is observed by some as a fast day, in commemoration of Miriam's demise on that date. The death of Miriam indirectly led to the death of...

If Mt. Sinai teaches us humility, shouldn't the Torah have been given on a flatland?

Although the importance of humility cannot be overemphasized, a person must also have a certain measure of pride and strength of conviction.* A totally...

How could Moses have written about his own death?

Some hold that Moses indeed wrote the story and that G-d had told him exactly what to write. Others maintain that it was written by Joshua. Source:...

Who was Itamar and where in the Bible is he mentioned?

Itamar was the youngest son of Aaron the High Priest (Exodus 6:23). After his two eldest brothers Nadav and Avihu passed away, he served as a priest along...