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Why don't we sacrifice animals anymore?
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Why do we have three matzot on the Seder plate?

Here are some of the reasons that are given:1. It is an allusion to the three measures of flour that Abraham asked Sarah to prepare for the angels...

What is a High Priest?

From amongst the Kohanim, the holy descendants of Aaron, one person was selected to serve as Kohen Gadol (High Priest). Ideally, this person was a great...

Who is Peter Chamor?

A. Nobody. He doesn’t exist. It’s PEH-ter chah-MORE, Hebrew for “initiation of the donkey”—a mitzvah, not a person. B. Peter...

What is maaser?

A. Maaser means “a tenth.” It’s based on the Hebrew word eser (pronounced EH-sehr), or ten. As a rule, it refers to donating ten...