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Jewish Identity » Kohains and Levites » The Holy Tribe | Subscribe | What is RSS?

What is a Levite?

Originally, firstborn sons were designated to be the holy tribe, the ones who would serve in the Tabernacle and the Temples, and be the spiritual leaders...

What is the Kabbalah behind the Kohanim and Levites?

In the teachings of Kabbalah it is explained that the Levite souls emanate from the Divine attribute of Gevurah (severity and discipline), as opposed to...

Can a convert marry a Jewish man with the last name Cohen?

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on your mind? 4ever: Can a divorced gentile woman who converts after the...

Can a Kohen be in the same room as human ashes?

Human remains which have been completely cremated do not confer impurity. Thus a Kohen may be in the same room as an urn which contains human ashes.

Are there any areas which a Kohen should avoid?

Other than the obvious – cemeteries, funeral parlors, etc. – a Kohen should avoid hospitals. Since hospitals contain morgues, there exists...

How many High Priests were there?

In the first Holy Temple, the high priests were righteous men who were truly worthy of their positions. They merited unusual longevity, with only nine...

Can a Kohen remain with a dying person?

A Kohen must exit a building if there is a dying person present. It is forbidden for him to postpone leaving until after the demise. This obviously...

Under what circumstances can a Kohen become impure?

A Kohen is obligated to attend the funerals of his immediate relatives. He is actually required to become tamei at such occasions; he does not have the...

Is a severed limb impure?

A human amputated limb of exudes impurity. A Kohen may not touch or be in the same room as a human limb—even if it is his own amputated...

Can a Kohen visit a relative’s grave?

The Kohen’s allowance to become tamei for immediate relatives ends as soon as the burial is concluded. A Kohen is not permitted to visit the graves...