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When is Yom Kippur?
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Happiness is... A Sukkah!

What a whirlwind holiday! On Sukkot we move out of the house into a hut. We parade around the synagogue with palm branches and citrons. In the times of...

Can One be Religious and Cruel?

The Etrog  There is a moving story about the holiday of Sukkot, authored by Israeli Nobel Prize laureate and novelist, S. Y. Agnon. Jewish law...

Sukkot: Irrational Happiness

More than anything else, we all seek happiness in life. “Eternal youth” is nice, but what is it worth if it isn’t accompanied by...

Sukkot: How High is High?

I used to associate the ‘High’ in the High Holidays with our Temple’s towering ceiling, as well as with the official higher ups who...

From Days of Awe to Days of Joy

The holiday of Sukkot is characterized by two themes: joy and unity. Although we are required to be joyous on all festivals, the joy of Sukkot surpasses...