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I just recovered from a serious illness, how can I thank G-d?
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Judaism is nice, but isn't it more important to feed the hungry?

Question:  Each year, we Jews spend so many millions of dollars, and devote so much time and energy, to building synagogues, Jewish schools, and a...

Where does the Torah mention fitness and health?

Question: I was wondering what the Torah has to say about keeping fit and healthy. Is there a verse about this? Thanks a lot! SheldonAnswer: Though it is...

Why pray if the prayers aren't always answered?

Rabbi Wagner: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment... tefillos: this girl in my school, her brother was diagnosed with cancer and had a few...

We're starting to keep kosher, can we start with small "baby steps"?

Rabbi Gurkow: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today? Beginner: we're just starting to 'keep kosher,' do...

If I am not a believer, can I still use the Ten Commandments as an ethical base?

While proper intentions are important for the fulfillment of the commandments, even partial observance is better than none. Perhaps in the merit of some...