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How can I get my child to want to wear his Tzitzit and Kipah?
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Going to school on Yom Kippur?

Rabbi Shlomo: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on your mind? max: studying on yom kippur, is it allowed? how about going to lectures?...

What is the Jewish view on Thanksgiving?

Question: I am wondering what is the approach of Judaism to the observance of Thanksgiving holiday. Is it observed or recognized; if yes why, if...

How can I repent if I can't get over what I did?

Question: I am writing to you about my problem with past behaviors. For quite some time now I have come to terms with the fact that I have really always...

Why celebrate the Torah twice -- on Shavuot and Simchat Torah?

Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:) Adina: What_s the difference between the reasons for celebrating the Torah on Shavuot and Simchat...

Why do people give money gifts on Chanukah?

Do you really need an excuse to give gifts! Well for those of you who are too frugal to give gifts for no good reason whatsoever... here goes:The word...