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Mrs. Dinka Kumer

Mrs. Kumer was born and raised in Nashville, TN. After making aliyah, she earned a degree in Jewish education from the Israeli government and taught in Israel and Moldova. She co-directs an organization that counsels underprivileged women. She lives with her husband and children in the holy city of Tzfat.

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How can I be happy if I am always feeling guilty about past sins?

You can't. And that's proof enough that your guilt is causing you spiritual damage. Good guilt is actually the remorse we feel for having sinned and distanced ourselves from G-d. This kind of guilt is completely contained, and serves as a motivating factor for us to resolve not to repeat sins and draw...

How can I be happy when I know I could be doing so much better?

Sounds like your cup is half empty. By 'better' you may mean that you find your material life unsuccessful. Other people are richer, healthier, happily married, care-free, etc. You feel like your life is a failure, and this makes you depressed. In all likelihood, those same people who have a...

Is it ever OK to be sad or depressed?

First, there is a difference between 'sadness' and 'depression'. Sadness is due to some cause. 'I feel sad because of...'. Depression is a internally generated frame of mind which in most cases is not due to any one cause, though a person may tend to blame external factors. He is depressed...

Why is anger - a seemingly natural feeling - so anathema in the eyes of G-d?

"Anger is akin to idolatry." 1 This may sound pretty extreme, but the premises of both are very similar. The essence of idolatry is the belief that G-d is not the only power influencing life. Idolatry doesn’t preclude G-d’s existence; it is the mistaken idea that there are other gods or...

Should I drive to hear the shofar if I don't live in walking distance from Shul?

If you’re asking this question, then you already know that driving on Rosh Hashanah (as on Shabbat and other holidays) is forbidden. You also know that hearing the sounds of the shofar is the key mitzvah of Rosh Hashanah. Jewish law rules that a person may not sin even if it will enable him to fulfill a...

Can I give anything (like clothes or CDs) for Mishloach Manot?

I admire your generosity! "Mishloach Manot” is the Hebrew term meaning “delivery portions,” and is also often called “shalach manos.” To fulfill the commandment of Mishloach Manot, one must specifically give only food and/or drink—not CDs or clothes. 1 The food and drink...

What are Hamantashen (Oznai Haman)?

Hamantashen (Yiddish), or Oznai Haman (Hebrew), are the triangle shaped filled pastry tarts traditionally eaten on Purim. Hamantashen means “poppy seed pockets,” and Oznai Haman means “Haman’s ears.” Haman was known to have triangle shaped ears, or according to another tradition, a...

What’s with the big, fancy, silver case my Rabbi has for the Megillah?

While your Rabbi’s Megillah case is silver, others may be wooden or leather. What is common to all is that they be sturdy and beautiful. Pragmatically speaking, the Megillah needs to be protected from tears, moisture, and any mishaps, so that it will remain “kosher”—fit for use. Besides...

Is "Purim" a Hebrew word?

Actually, the word “Purim” comes from the Persian language. The Megillah itself translates the word into Hebrew for us, “Pur hu hagoral”—“ Pur is the lot.” “Purim” is the plural form of “pur.” The “pur” of Purim is a reference to the...

Why did the king just go along with Haman’s plot to murder all the Jews?

King Ahasuerus was far from an innocent bystander. Even before Haman entered the picture, Ahasuerus demonstrated his dastardly design to lead the Jews to their spiritual downfall by inviting them to his lavish feast, which they were forbidden to attend and where they would undoubtedly sin. He knew that his...

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