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Why do we dip a finger into the leftover havdalah wine and dab it over the eyes?
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Mrs. Dinka Kumer

Mrs. Kumer was born and raised in Nashville, TN. After making aliyah, she earned a degree in Jewish education from the Israeli government and taught in Israel and Moldova. She co-directs an organization that counsels underprivileged women. She lives with her husband and children in the holy city of Tzfat.

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Why is it called the Scroll of Esther?

The Scroll of Esther is called so since Queen Esther initiated the Scroll’s writing, lobbying the Men of the Great assembly to put the story of Purim in writing, and then advocated that the Scroll be included among the Jewish holy books and read publicly every Purim. Also, Mordechai and Esther operated very...

Why do I have to go every Purim to hear the same story over again?

Let me suggest a number of reasons: 1. It’s not the “same story” every year; though the words haven’t changed in over 2,300 years. When you heard the Megillah at age 10, it meant something different than when you hear it again now as an adult. As we go through the metamorphosis of our life,...

How does a Purim which falls on Friday differ from the average Purim?

The four 'M's that we do every Purim are done this year as well: M egillah (hearing the Scroll of Esther) M ishloach Manot (Food gifts to friends) M atanot L'evyonim (gifts to the poor) M ishteh (festive meal). The  one major difference is regarding the festive meal which, as always,...

Why did G-d cause Moses to be raised in the royal palace?

While we can’t know exactly why G-d does what He does (anyone for irony?) here are two reasons why Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s palace: 1. Moses was raised amidst aristocracy and not amidst his downtrodden and enslaved brethren, helping make him into a bold and fearless leader. Moses was unafraid...

Why didn’t Pharaoh let the Jews leave after suffering the first few plagues?

Pharaoh had been bombarded with catastrophic natural disasters, pandemics, and he was being threatened with even worse. His government was on the verge of a coup and civil war was brewing. Of course he should have capitulated, even if it meant releasing all his handy hired help for eternity! So what stopped him?...

Did the Jews assimilate when they were in Egypt?

Though the Jewish people in Egypt did come under the influence of the Egyptian way of life, they did not assimilate. The Torah testifies about the amazing fact that the millions of Jewish people living in Egypt did not intermarry at all (though one lone Jew was fathered by an Egyptian). 1 There...

Why were the Jews deserving of the miraculous Exodus?

One reason G-d redeemed the Jewish people was because He had made a promise to Abraham that though He would send his descendents into slavery, He would later redeem them and bring them into freedom with much wealth. So, G-d was making good on His word. The Jewish people also earned their redemption with merits of...

Why is hand-made matzah so expensive?

When you buy a box of packaged cookies at Kosher Mart you know it’ll costs less than some deluxe delicacies from the “Kosher & Swank French Pastry Shoppe.” If most of the ingredients are the same (flour, sugar, eggs, margarine, cocoa, nuts, etc.), and much the similar measuring, mixing, and...

Did any Jews stay behind in Egypt?

Unfortunately, yes. Only one fifth of the Jewish people left Egypt. The other four fifths were satisfied with the corrupt Egyptian culture and did not want to leave Egypt, so they perished during the plague of darkness (so the Egyptians wouldn’t be witness to this.) 1 However, in the future redemption...

Why was the Plague of the Firstborn precisely at the stroke of midnight?

The punishment must fit the crime. Each of the Ten Plagues corresponded to some method of torment that the Egyptians made the Jews suffer. Smiting the firstborn at midnight came to repay the Egyptians for having woken the Jewish slave laborers to begin their work in the middle of the night. Additionally, according...

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